Make a new booking

① Select Date ② Select tee-off time ③ Fill out the form ④ click 'Send Code' button ⑤ type the code received⑥ Review the details ⑦ Submit

Each time slot has only 30min, check time slots availability before you select tee off time

Time slots in gray coloured or reserved can not be selected

Update or delete my booking

① Go to 'My Booking' menu ② Type reservation ID and phone number ③ update your booking ④ update or delete

Searching for the former(past) booking is not available.

Playtime may be insufficient because there is other booking next time.

Don't forget to check your tee-time and play time again before updating

Make a new waiting list

① Select Date ② Click 'waitinglist' button ③ Fill out the form ④ Submit

You will get a message automatically when cancellations happen

You can sign up multi watinglist

Check or delete my Waiting list

① Go to 'My Waiting' menu ② Type waitingList ID and phone number ③ Delete your Waiting List

Searching for the former(past) waiting list is not available.

You can't update waitinglist, delete it and make new one.